Molly Scannell_The Creator’s Journey #55

Creative Director Molly Scannell


“I think humanity could do a lot of good for themselves and each other just to pause, take a deep breath, live in the moment when you can. We’re all so hectic and busy and consumed with technology that we hesitate to pause and take in our surroundings for what they are.” ~ Molly Scannell

Molly Scannell is a creative director who’s worked with a number of ad agencies including SapientNitro and Mullen. She has nearly 20 years experience working in visual and user experience design with a long and diverse list of clients including John Hancock Investments, Chrysler Group, Lane Bryant, Liberty Mutual, Smithsonian, Yale School of Management, and CBS.

In addition to being a competitive rower for the past 20+ years, her abundant energy also flows into her role of mothering three amazing daughters. As a result of pursuing her own personal art projects and then posting the results on Instagram, she has developed a personal following that has not only encouraged more art work but also given her career a bump.

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Julia Garrison, childhood friend and a film scenic painter, who also runs the Acorn Press and the Sarah Elizabeth Shop in Lockport. MA:
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