Deb Lucke: Turning Darkness of Life into Thoughtful Graphic Novels #56

“If you’re going to live the creative life, then you have to let your mind wander into new areas to allow yourself to keep exploring. Try something new. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re wasting time. Even if it doesn’t come to fruition, it ends up being brought back into the circle of what it is that you do.” ~ Deb Lucke

Deb Lucke is a writer and illustrator of children’s books with an interest in bad behavior and horribly embarrassing incidents. She says that since her own childhood had plenty of both, she is never really short of material.

Deb is the creator of the graphic novel series, The Lunch Witch, the story of a failed witch turned lunch lady who is shocked to find her most evil intentions undone by a ten-year-old with thick glasses and unfinished homework. The second book in the series, Knee-Deep In Niceness, was released last Halloween. She is currently at work on a third book. The series has been optioned by Amblin Pictures.

The School Library Journal placed The Lunch Witch on their “Top Ten Graphic Novels of 2015″ list and the New York Public Library included it on the” Top 100 Titles to Read and Share 2015.”

In addition to illustrating and authoring several other books, Deb has done illustration work for numerous editorial clients. Her work was included in American Illustration 32 and The Society of Illustrator’s 2015 Cartoon and Comic Annual.

In a previous life, Deb was an award-winning art director at several ad agencies including Ogivly + Mather and Hill Holliday. She is also the writer and director of a short film, The Creation, which appeared in 15 film festivals and aired in the US, Canada, and Japan.

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People Deb mentioned:

Christina Maile, a member of her writers’ group for the past 13 years. Also a printmaker/artist and former landscape architect. She has a digital exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and is a longtime resident of the WestBeth artist community in New York.

Summer Pierre, a member of her cartoonist group whose work includes mostly diary comics about working through anxieties and the curve balls life throws everyone. She has a blog, published books, and her work appears in major newspapers.

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