The Creator’s Journey

The Creator’s Journey is a podcast serving creative people with a commitment to ship their work. Each week, I’ll interview creative leaders who consistently push through the fears and obstacles that every creator faces to produce their work.

Ideas and inspiration by themselves are not enough to carry you through times of anxiety. Creators who consistently deliver their work have a process that allows them to persevere when darkness settles around them and obscures both their light and direction.

If you’ve ever felt this way, you can be sure you’re not alone. Every creator who works from the heart faces the same challenges in their work.

What makes these leaders effective are the systems they’ve developed that allow them to push through those fears and consistently ship their work and make a difference.

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~ Charles Gupton

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Molly Scannell_The Creator’s Journey #55

Molly Scannell_The Creator’s Journey #55

Creative Director Molly Scannell   “I think humanity could do a lot of good for themselves and each other just to pause, take a deep breath, live in the moment when you can. We’re all so hectic and busy and consumed with technology that we hesitate to pause and take […]

Are You In the Thrash?_The Creator’s Journey #54

Are You In the Thrash?_The Creator’s Journey #54

“Asking questions in advance is the most important thing I can do. We may settle on one approach, but I’m prepared with Plan B if Plan A doesn’t work.” ~Kate Baldwin This show is a departure from my regular format where I talk with one guest about his or her […]

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