Fostering Hope

Each year in the U.S., 24,000 young people age out of the foster care system with nowhere to go. One in five will become homeless. One in four will end up behind bars. Seventy percent of the young women will become pregnant. And only half of those who age out will be employed by age 24. “Fostering Hope” tells the stories of young people facing this challenge — and the work being done by individuals and agencies trying to mentor and guide them as they face the challenges of making the transition from foster care to adult life.

Genworth Mortgage Insurance

Lennis and Donna-Maria Harris tell the story of finding their beloved home in “The Spot,” produced for Genworth Mortgage Insurance Company.

Women Asking

“Women Asking” is a project we filmed with more than a dozen women leaders who were speaking at a monthly meeting for professional women in the Raleigh-Durham, N.C., region. The interviews were filmed over a four-month period to produce this short film highlighting their advice to women about the critical importance of asking for what they need to be successful.

Guideposts Magazine _ Doug Gamble

In this video produced for the inspirational magazine Guideposts, Pastor Doug Gamble talks about how he learned to manage stress in his life after suffering a near-fatal heart attack. 

One Of A Million Stories _ Kristie Wimbush

“One Of A Million Stories” is a web series featuring interviews with individuals who have experienced a great struggle, tragedy or crisis — and came out of the experience with a story of redemption and hope. My desire is to help people understand that there are millions of stories of hope to be told by people who have faced challenging circumstances and want their stories to encourage others to continue on despite their trials and difficulties.