Case Study: Genworth Financial

The Client:

Genworth Financial Inc.. is a Fortune 500® company that provides products, services, and resources to help people secure their financial lives.

The Project:

Howard/Merrell, a Raleigh, N.C.-based advertising agency, was hired by Genworth Financial’s mortgage insurance division to create a web-based advertising campaign that highlighted the human element in an industry where numbers, rates and percentages are often the only focus. Genworth wanted to remind mortgage lenders that behind every loan and insurance decision, there’s a real person who can now enjoy the thrill of owning a home as a result of the services they provide.

The Solution:

Howard Merrell asked us to film three couples telling the story of their home purchase. We interviewed more than 15 couples and then cast the three couples featured in the videos based on the power of their stories and their abilities as storytellers. Each video was produced on location in the couple’s home. We were able to capture authentic stories from real people relating how owning a home had been a milestone in their lives.