A World Domination Summit Blog Round-up

Following is a batch of  blog posts from this year’s WDS (#WDS2015) participants.


Street performer at the World Domination Summit opening party.

How WDS Changed My Life (by David Ryan)

The Hit List – World Domination Summit 2015 (by Theresa Reed – The Tarot Lady)

Finding My Voice at WDS 2015 and Part 2 (by Julie Spezia)

World Domination Summit 2015 (by Melissa Feineman Suzuno)

Thank You for WDS and My Favourite Notes from WDS (by Christine Westermark)

Words of Wisdom from WDS (by Michelle Chang)

Finding Your Own Way at the World Domination Summit (by Jedd Chang)

Shine Your Light: 8 Takeaways (by Jessica Lawlor)

My WDS 2015 Takeaways (by Elise Blaha Cripe)

Love and World Domination (In That Order) (by Mar Rosati)

Community, Adventure & Service: ADHD-Style (by Jeff Rasmussen)

Lessons Learned as a World Domination Summit Virgin (by Kathy Peterman)

The Top 3 Things I Learned at WDS (by Jessica Schultz)

World Domination Summit and Why Your Voice Matters (by Justin Lind)

An Ode to the World Domination Summit (by Suzi Pratt)

WTF is WDS (by Angela Melick)

32 Life Lessons from the World Domination Summit 2015 (by Cecilia Bratt)

My World Just Got Bigger! (by Elizabeth)

We’re Back From WDS, and Here Are My Top Ten Favourite Things! (by David Knapp-Fisher)

I am an Introvert (and that’s ok)! (by Kevin Langman)

Don’t Over-Complicate a Simple Thing (by Charles Gupton)

Top Ten Tips for How to do Networking that’s actually FUN (by Marsha Shandur)

7 Simple Steps to Take Consistent Action and Hold Yourself Accountable (by Lorena Knapp)

Stories and Bear Paw Slippers: WDS 2015 (by P.J. Smith)

The Primary Takeaway From my Experience at WDS (by Marbree D. Sullivan)

Letting Go Of Fear & Finding Your Voice (by Mike Goncalves)

Thanks to all who’ve contributed thus far!