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“Be happy while you’re living, for you’re a long time dead.” – Scottish proverb

Life’s too short not to enjoy the work we do and the people we do it with.

I do my best work with those who think abundantly – who embrace the idea that there’s enough for all of us to get a big ‘ole slab of the pie.

I also work best with those who trust my judgment to craft a visual story – whether with still imagery or motion — that connects with the audience they want to reach.

I’ve been telling stories for editorial and business clients for more than 30 years. Whether communicated through the written word, the lens of a camera, or the voice on an audio recording, stories connect us in a powerful way. Finding and telling those stories is what I do best.

My clients over the years have included Texaco, IBM, Nike, Newsweek, Business Week, Forbes and Guideposts.

My desire is to create a great experience for those I work with, and I appreciate clients who value me as a partner and collaborator, not just another vendor.

I keep my word, stay in budget and meet deadlines. Guaranteed.

I look forward to an opportunity to work together to tell some great stories.

Charles Gupton